1907 Rose Trellis Egg

Gift Nicholas II to Alexandra Feodorovna
Made in Saint Petersburg
Owner: The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Height: ca. 7,70 cm

1907 Rose Trellis Egg

The 1907 Rose Trellis Egg is made of gold, green and pink enamel in various shades, portrait diamonds, rose-cut diamonds and satin lining. Possibly the missing surprise was a chain, made of diamonds and watercolor on ivory.

This beautiful gold Easter egg is enameled in translucent pale green and latticed with rose-cut diamonds and decorated with opaque light and dark pink enamel roses and emerald green leaves. A portrait diamond is set at either end of this Egg, the one at the base covering the date "1907". Unfortunately the monogram, that probably was under the portrait diamond at the other end, has now disappeared.

Originally the Egg contained an oval jeweled locket in which the surprise was hidden. Only the impression on the satin lining now remains. Research indicates the surprise was a diamond chain with a miniature of the little Tsarevich Alexei, painted on ivory.

Rose Trellis Egg detail

Background information

1907 was one of the few years that the Egg for the Dowager Empress Maria cost more than the gift for Tsarina Alexandra. The other times this happened were: in 1896 the Alexander Monogram Egg, cost more than the Rosebud Egg, in 1910 Alexander III Equestrian Egg cost more than the Colonnade Egg, and in 1913 when the Winter Egg cost more than the Romanov Tercentenary Egg.

1920 owned by Alexander Polovtsov a former employee at the Gatchina Palace who started an antique shop in Paris. It is not known how Mr. Polovtsov acquired the Egg. In 1930, together with Maria Feodorovna's 1901 Gatchina Palace Egg, sold to agents of Henry Walters, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. In 1936 exhibited in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. 1952 On permanent exhibition in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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